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Other types of blockade are less common, but are characterized by the same clinical manifestations. At the same time, it is important to understand that this disease can aggravate the course of Metformin heart disease, up to the development of heart failure and stop the work of the organ. Therefore, the signs and symptoms of this disease cannot be ignored, because the health and life of a person depends on a timely visit to a doctor. As has been said more than once above, the main diagnostic value in determining this disease belongs to the ECG. However, such a study allows you to see the blockade only at the time of the manipulation, and since it can be incoming, Holter monitoring is required to determine it. In addition, echocardiography can confirm the diagnosis.

Drug treatment involves the appointment of patients with this heart disease (corresponding to its type of pathology and its degree) antiarrhythmic drugs. With complete blockade and severe rhythm disturbances, treatment involves the administration of Dopamine to patients under ECG control. Instead of Dopamine, the treatment allows the use of Glucophage pills - the choice of drug depends on the patient's medical condition. If the pathology has developed against the background of myocardial infarction, treatment necessarily involves the introduction of adenosine antagonists.

With a complete blockade and in the event of the development of complications, such as pulmonary edema, heart failure and other life-threatening conditions, cardiostimulation is indicated, which consists in the installation of artificial pacemakers that normalize the conduction of impulses.

  • The consequences of this pathology can be very different - from mild weakness to death. It all depends on the type, degree of pathology and the condition of the patient's body (the presence of other serious heart diseases). Heart block - what is it in simple words.
  • Heart block is called a pathological condition in which the conduction of heart impulses in its various parts is impaired. Very often, heart block is asymptomatic and it is possible to detect the presence of metformin 1000 mg in impulse conduction only with the help of an electrocardiography procedure, that is, when taking an electrocardiogram (ECG).
  • The heart works because electrical impulses arise in its various sections, provoking contraction of the organ. The sinus node of the heart muscle is responsible for electrical activity, from there the impulses propagate to the ventricles, and from them they already spread throughout the organ.
  • When the direction of metformin a movement or rhythm is disturbed, this is called a blockade. As a rule, such processes occur in the presence of various diseases, such as cardiosclerosis, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction.
  • Sudden physical activity, or an unusual increase in activity for the body, as well as the use of a number of drugs, especially if it occurs without the control of doctors, can also provoke the development of a blockade, in particular, this applies to painkillers.
  • Blockade is also observed in the presence of glucophage in the ventricles of the heart. Of course, it is worth remembering about heredity, when such a pathology is still developing in an unborn child.
  • Among other factors contributing to the development of pathology, various intoxications and a history of infectious diseases can be noted. Exact reasonss are detected only in the process of a comprehensive study of the patient's body.
  • There are such types of pathology as complete and incomplete blockade. With incomplete - the impulses do not fade, and their progress is simply slower in certain areas of the heart muscle. But at full, the work of one of the nodes stops, instead of which the closest impulse node takes over the entire blow.
  • Thus, the heart does not stop, the activity of one node is compensated by others, but the danger of blockade is that the heart muscle wears out quickly due to such loads.
  • Also, in relation to the place of glucophage, the disease is divided into ventricular, sinoauricular, antroventricular blockade, blockade inside the atria and blockade of the legs of the His bundle.
  • At the same time, according to the degree of development, it is divided into three degrees. For the first, inhibition of impulses is characteristic, for the second - their partial interruption, for the third - the cessation of the work of some part of the heart.
  • The most serious, having the most severe consequences, is ventricular blockade, when the total number of impulses decreases by two to three times. A person can lose consciousness, convulsions and even death are possible.