CRM software

There’s a lot to juggle when running a small business, and vcita has your back! Our CRM software handles quotes and invoicing, accounting, payments, scheduling, communication & more, while automating many business aspects to streamline your daily workflow.

Online CRM software

An online CRM software assists in organizing the practices, strategies, and technologies of small or large businesses to serve and connect with their customers effectively. The purpose of a CRM is three-fold:

  • Strengthen the customer-business relationship

  • Retain customers;

  • And grow the business

Businesses engage with customers

Company website

Telephone calls

Live chat

Direct mail

Marketing materials

Social media

The best CRM software for small business enables business owners and employees to gain access to all customer information on one organized and customizable interface.

CRM software can import a customer’s personal information, purchase or enrollment history, buying preferences, concerns, alerts, interests, and more!

CRM software for small business

A customer relationship management platform, or CRM, provides comprehensive benefits to small businesses. With it, you can

  • Access and review all customer information in one location
  • Serve customers faster and thoroughly
  • Manage & update customer information easily
  • Find what you’re looking for in less time
  • Identify trends through detailed reports & visuals
  • Automate communication en mass
  • And streamline workflows with calendars, alerts & performance tracking

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The CRM software you need for your business

As a web all-in-one CRM software, vcita offers services, key features, and tools to make small professional business owners’ lives easier.

Manage your clients

Gaining and retaining clients is vital to any business’s survival. With an online customer relationship management tool, you have the foundation to build quality relationships and streamline interactions with your customers through effortless contact.

Maintaining customer information in an organized fashion will accelerate your sales pipelines. Make your clients feel like a valued aspect of your business, and you’ll be able to keep track of all client communication from one place.

Master your time

Productive workdays are essential to a business’ growth. By using a customer management app’s automated and scheduling features, you can make each day more impactful.

With an online CRM software for small business, clients can make bookings at any time and from anywhere! With calendar management capabilities, harness the power to schedule your workdays. Communicate with your clients about any upcoming events, get real-time notifications about customer-submitted appointments, and incorporate attendance and waitlist features.

Plus, reminders, requests, and follow-up communications can be sent automatically, freeing up more time to diligently serve your clients.

Don’t you find it difficult to remain on track while juggling different work-related activities? The best CRM software for small business keeps you on task and enables you to work from anywhere–create invoices, approving requests, accepting payments, and reviewing client accounts without being behind a desk. In addition, interfacing mobile and desktop options will save you and your team members’ time, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

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What industries benefit from using CRM software for small businesses?

Great question! And the answer is simple–virtually any industry or field can benefit from using a customer management app, regardless of lead management, pipeline management, and other small teams.
Industries and individuals most commonly working with CRMs are:

Event planners & photographers
Freelancers & designers

Petcare & grooming services

Beauty services