File sharing software for small businesses

Share documents with your clients anywhere, anytime, from any device

A powerful file sharing and CRM app allows you to have all your clients’ documents in one place along with a history of your interactions – appointments, payments, invoices, and conversations.

Share files with clients

  • Share files as part of the conversation with your clients.
    • Files can be uploaded and stored for quick sharing.

      Let your clients share files

      • Let your clients send you any type of file from a secure client portal.
      • You and your clients can view the shared documents on any device, anywhere, anytime.

      Stay informed

      • Both you and your clients can receive notifications via email or SMS when new documents are shared.
        • See if your client has viewed a document you shared.

          More than just file sharing

          • Share and track files as part of your conversation with your clients directly through their client cards on the CRM app.
            • Stay up to date on the history of your client interactions: appointments, payments, and documents all in one place.
              • A client portal lets your clients interact with your business 24/7, performing actions like scheduling appointments, sharing documents and making online payments.
              • What is a file-sharing portal?

                A file-sharing portal is a part of a business management platform that enables businesses to share with their clients all the documents and files relevant to their interactions. Businesses can also upload these files and documents and store them for quicker sharing in the future.

                Thanks to this feature, businesses can have access to all of their clients’ documents and files in a single place. They are accessible together with an entire record of their interactions, including appointments, invoices, conversations, and payments.

                vcita’s online file sharing option facilitates sharing of any type of file or document between you and your customer from a secure client portal. Both of you can view these files from any device, any location, at any time. It also provides both sides with email or SMS notifications of any new file shares, as well as letting you know when your client has viewed a file you shared.

                Additionally, this client portal gives your customers a way to interact with your business whenever it suits them. This includes sharing files, booking appointments, making payments, and more.
              • How do you share files with clients?

                To share a specific file or document with your clients and allow them to view and/or download it, you need to:

                – Navigate to your vcita dashboard.

                – When you get there, select Documents.

                – Once you’ve opened the Documents tab, your next step is to select Add Document. After you’ve opened this dialog, you’ll see a list of your clients, together with their email addresses and phone numbers. On this list, you need to choose the client(s) you want to share files with. You can filter the list by writing a name, email, or tag in the Search field. Here, you can also add new clients to the list by pressing the + icon next to the Search field.

                – To proceed with sharing files with the selected client(s), press Continue.

                – Now it’s time to choose the files you want to share. You can either add them from your My Documents directory or upload them directly from the device you’re using.

                – Finally, the only thing that’s left is to share the added/uploaded files with your selected client(s). If the file is intended for the client’s eyes, then check the Available to client option. Otherwise, choose the For internal use only option if the file is intended for internal use.

                – Press Add to finalize the share and send the file to your client(s).

                The platform will notify your client(s) via email that you have sent them the file. They’ll be able to view it by clicking on the call to action button inside the email message. The file is viewable in their client portal and they’ll be able to download it from there.

              Be there for your clients while staying on top of your business with simple small-business file sharing software.