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Accounting and taxes are embedded in Ashley’s genes so it was no surprise when she gravitated towards it. But rather than working for her family’s business, her entrepreneurial spirit led to her opening a financial management firm of her own. Perkins Tax & Accounting Solutions, offering a full suite of accounting solutions, from business plan preparation and bookkeeping to payroll processing, auditing, budgeting, forecasting, and accounting advisory.






Tax & Accounting


Document transfer & payment


Managing the pain and inefficiency of too many tools

Ashley used multiple tools and apps to run her tax firm but found it very challenging having to switch between them, making it ineffective for customer management, and costly. Clients complained that the app was not user-friendly. This too made for a negative client experience and did nothing to better her business relations. She needed a comprehensive platform that could do it all; invoices, payments, client bookings, sending and receiving documents, all safely and securely.


The all-in-one business management app that delivers it all

Client portal

Ashley wanted to empower her clients to act independently and become more proactive. With vcita’s client portal, her clients can securely log in to view their invoices, place payments, and upload documents directly from their mobile phones. With an all-in-one, mobile app vcita helps save time and money for her accounting firm with all the services she needs in one place.

Secure document sharing

vcita’s secure document sharing ensures that files are securely entered into the system and can be retrieved easily by both Ashley and her clients from any device.


Streamlining payments has never been so uncomplicated for Ashley, as vcita manages her entire payment process. Some clients pay when they book with vcita’s online scheduling, and for others, it sends an invoice after the service is delivered. In both cases, the payment process is very easy for the clients to navigate and the accounting firm to track. Ashley prides herself on delivering “sophisticated, big-firm resources wrapped in local-firm warmth and responsiveness”, and, by integrating vcita’s payment solution, it is truly able to deliver on its promises.

Customer management

Ashley now manages much of her client communication using vcita’s inbox. She can view the continuous communication between herself and her client, including their booking record, payment history, and shared files.


vcita saves time and money

Ashley can now spend more time with clients than on administrative tasks. With one central platform for all her business needs, she has more transparency and order in her business processes. “Since using vcita, my business has expanded by 50%!” Once she implemented vcita, Ashley canceled many of the tools and apps she was using and incorporated all her previous processes within the vcita app. With a significantly reduced tech stack, her business is much easier and less costly to manage.

“As accountants and tax professionals, we are very busy and try not to babysit our clients. We, therefore, need a lot of automated options and client profiles all in one place.”

– Ashley Perkins

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