Online tutoring business leverages
vcita automation tools, awarding
more time for students


Topaz Ron Zarfaty has been teaching English as a second language in the Israeli school system for the last 12 years. When the opportunity arose to partner with Blake Steinker, an American teacher with American connections, to start Buddies, an international online English language tutoring service for Israeli children, she grabbed it. With her insider knowledge of the Israeli school system and the culture, Topaz is thrilled that she can now provide parents with even more value.








Automation & scheduling


Weighed down by heavy administration

Overwhelmed by an influx of students and mounting administrative tasks, Topaz together with her business partner Blake, quickly realized that they needed a real-time engine that could let them scale their operation, create and support growth all while keeping track of business logistics.


vcita’s automated platform to manage & scale business operations


vcita’s automated follow-ups now empowers Buddies to better follow up on leads, ensuring that prospects don’t fall between the cracks, helping to maximize each and every opportunity.
Once parents register their child for a free trial, vcita sends automatic follow-up emails which help convert free trial clients into paying clients. Buddies reached a 90% conversion rate from trial students to paying students!

Scheduling software & calendar

By reducing time spent on daily administrative tasks by 20%, Buddies has cleared time for more classes and significantly decreased no-shows by 25%. Overall vcita’s integration into Buddies business allows them to boost business and scale growth.

Online payments

With personalized offers, Buddies is able to use tags to segment its client base according to categories, which in turn helps in sending more personalized emails, reminders, and special offers on promotion to each group.

Client management (CRM)

Before vcita, Topaz manually logged every student, every class, and every payment on an enormous and unwieldy Google sheet. Integrating vcita’s automation solutions, Buddies clients can now book and pay directly from the website without calling or emailing. This also allows for better communication and secures any information that could potentially be lost or overlooked. Topaz then adds the package to each student’s client card on vcita, which automatically registers the series of appointments into the system accordingly.


More time for better business

Topaz and Blake have discarded their Google sheet monstrosity in favor of vcita’s automation and scheduling platform. With 80 students, nine teachers, and multiple classes running simultaneously every day, vcita has turned Buddies’ organizational nightmare into a smooth operation.

Topaz happily reports that vcita has reduced their admin time by two hours per day! Additionally, vcita’s automated reminders reduced their no-show rate by 25%.

With more time for themselves and their families, Topaz and Blake are wholeheartedly reaping the benefits of going digital with vcita.

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