Beaverton Neurofeedback

vcita’s automation tools doubled
the client return rate for this Neurofeedback Practice.


Olga Ward founded Beaverton Neurofeedback, after personally experiencing its restorative properties. She was amazed to see how neurofeedback significantly healed her daughter, who was wrestling with PTSD. She owns and manages her own practice, Beaverton Neurofeedback providing neurofeedback services – a form of brain training that gently exercises the brain for improved balance and functioning.






Health & Wellness


Automation, marketing & scheduling


Heavy admin tasks were stealing valuable time & attention away from patient care

Running the administrative side of a busy Neurofeedback practice took Olga’s time and focus away from what matters the most, her patients. She desperately wanted to connect more with them and help facilitate their healing but manual tasks were taking up a big part of her day, like sending out appointment reminders, emailing preliminary forms, and responding to phone calls. She knew she needed a more automated system that could support her growth and manage the burden of daily tasks like email announcements, marketing campaigns targeted at return clients, HIPAA compliant messaging, and easy payment management.


vcita’s automation tools lightened the load

Client portal

Confidential files can be easily and securely shared between Olga and her patients from any device via her HIPAA-compliant client portal. With less time spent on tedious paperwork, Olga can dedicate her focus 100% to patient care.


With automated communications like emails and messages, Olga is now able to nurture her clients throughout their lifecycle, from onboarding to retention. This saves her time on calls and messages, reduces her workload, and allows her to give her clients the support they need throughout their entire neurofeedback journey.

Client management (CRM)

vcita’s robust business management software gave Olga the tools she needed to grow her practice and accomplish daily tasks her previous system was incapable of performing.


Creating more growth opportunities, Olga uses marketing campaigns to foster good relationships with her clients. By sharing updates on new offers and offer extensions, she is able to increase retention and create more upsell opportunities. Olga also uses these campaigns to get her clients to publicly endorse her practice by posting positive reviews, helping her to attract the attention of new clients.


vcita helped Olga make more time for her patients

vcita took the administrative burden off Olga, and the results were almost immediate. Her clients have complimented her on the polished and professional approach that Olga’s new infrastructure provides. With vcita’s help, Olga can now truly shine and do what she loves most, provide healing neurofeedback services to her clients.

“I don’t have to remember anything! It frees up my time to do what I want to do – what I’m trained to do – take care of my clients!”

– Olga Ward

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