Cay Carroll Kidd

Transitioning to Telehealth – this therapist is making treatment more accessible.


Cay Carrol Kidd always had an affinity for being a supportive shoulder, giving guidance to those around her. It was this passion for counseling that led her to become a professional therapist, opening up her own practice 15 years ago.

Despite being a busy therapist, Cay has always been focused on the importance of maintaining a work-life balance while treating others. This is where vcita has made the biggest difference to her.








Client portal & scheduling software


Minimizing the administrative overhead of running a practice

When Cay founded her therapy practice, she still relied on snail mail and wrote all her notes by hand. She scheduled all her client appointments over the phone and even sent out the appointment reminders. But as her practice grew, the admin work became tedious and time-consuming taking valuable time away from her patients.

Once COVID hit, Cay transitioned her practice to an online format. But with it, she encountered many issues with her therapy software. Adding to her stress, she had the problem of video appointments often dropping, making her appear unprofessional. Being a business, time is money, and she was losing both.

As the company began to grow exponentially, Calleran knew they needed a more advanced CRM system that included automatic bookings, and payment — a platform that could support all the nitty-gritty work of their unique business model. Otherwise, they were not going to be able to scale successfully.


vcita’s automated scheduling and Zoom integration

Zoom integration

Prior to the pandemic, Cay worked out of an office in downtown Chicago. Now, with vcita’s Zoom integration, she conducts all of her virtual client appointments through the vcita platform. The process is smooth, reliable, and professional. In fact, it works so well that she decided to remain in telehealth, conducting her entire business online without a hitch.

Scheduling software & calendar

Cay’s new clients now create a profile within vcita’s client portal. Once that’s complete, they enter the system, check her availability, and schedule an appointment. This process not only eliminates the back and forth but also takes the added anxiety away from her clients who are seeking her help.

Client portal

Cay also uses her fully branded and secure client portal to send homework and intake forms directly to her clients, keeping all communication in one easily accessible place.


Even though Cay knew it was time to leave behind her paper and pen and move to a digital platform, the idea of transitioning her practice was intimidating. But once she spoke with a vcita onboarding specialist, who took her through the entire system piece by piece, she felt more confident in her move to online.


A work-life balance that takes care of both Cay and her patients

After Cay’s smooth transition to telehealth using vcita’s Zoom integration, her clients can now log on to appointments from anywhere. They also love her online availability, giving them the flexibility to participate from the comfort of their own homes or even from another place if they’re running late. And as a result, her no-shows have dropped considerably.

Now that Cay can work online as a professional presence, she is pursuing licensing in other states to extend her reach. Also, because vcita significantly cut her admin time down significantly, she has more time to see clients!

“With vcita, I now save myself more than an hour every day! It’s so easy, and I trust the system. It’s proven itself.”

– Cay Caroll Kidd

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