Amber Moon Studios

Automation tool helped this fitness
entrepreneur cut administration by half, increasing her earning potential.


As a fitness guru for nearly 30 years, Sharon embodies, teaches, and fosters both fitness and wellness. Sharon opened her Austin-based business, Amber Moon in 2006 where she has helped countless clients achieve their health and wellness goals through triathlon training, pilates, yoga, swim/run/bike training, cranial-sacral therapy, and massage.






Fitness, Health & Wellness


Automation, marketing & scheduling


Administration time eating away at potential earnings

With an ever-growing studio to manage, Sharon was being forced to give up her precious (and billable!) session time with clients so that she could keep up with unending administrative tasks. She was frustrated by having to deal with computer-based tasks like sending out reminders, collecting payments, filing away profiles, and scheduling appointments. Overloaded, Sharon needed a way to continue growing her client base without spending more time in front of the computer.


Automating day-to-day admin tasks to win back billable hours


With vcita’s marketing features, Sharon segmented her clientele into groups and sends them automated and personalized messages announcing new sessions or classes, and advertising specialized packages to appropriate customers. Sharon has increased her revenues and rewarded her clients for their loyalty.

Scheduling software & calendar

With automated booking & reminders, Sharon recouped her billable time and regained control of her workday. She no longer has to spend valuable hours actively managing scheduling changes. While she used to spend a full day each week on administration, she now spends only a few hours, earning her a full day of potential client session time.

Online payments

Streamlining financial processes, Sharon started using vcita’s online payment feature to let her clients pay upon booking. With payments collected upfront online, Sharon doesn’t have to face the hassles of payment collection and never worries about chasing clients to get her money in the bank.

Online classes

With the online training trend on the rise,
Sharon converted her in-person pilates clients into using vcita’s seamless Zoom integration. Sharon now enables her clients to book, pay for, and attend, online
video classes from any device anywhere in the world.


vcita cut Sharon’s admin time by half and increased her earning potential

After integrating vcita, Sharon no longer had to dedicate a full day each week to sitting behind a computer. vcita’s full suite of features positioned Sharon to spend more time with her clients and far less time on administration tasks, all while increasing her earning potential and moving her entire business online.

To this day, vcita continues to enable Sharon’s business to evolve and grow by providing features that match her needs at all stages of her business lifecycle.

“I found solutions to keep me away from the computer!
Both my wallet and my neck thank vcita!”

– Sharon Boon

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