Get Certified America

Online testing company quadruples its sales after implementing vcita packages.


Henrietta Robinson’s first love has always been technology. In fact, she’s been working in the field for almost 25 years now.
Her startup, Get Certified America! LLC, is an authorized certification testing company providing certification exam services throughout the United States and surrounding territories.






IT Services


Automation, billing & scheduling


Managing all stages of student activities, from processing payments to scheduling hundreds of tests per month.

As a growing international startup, Henrietta needed to automate as many upfront procedures as possible. This included implementing a seamless process for both incoming and repeat clients to choose tests, schedule appointments, and pay. Also, for financial reasons, many organizations that she works with prefer to purchase large packages of tests for their staff, some with up to 100 employees.

As a result, Henrietta wanted to offer discount packages for volume pricing so she could sell hundreds of test vouchers at a time. She needed one central platform that could do it all, from facilitating registration, scheduling, payment, and managing customer communications.


vcita’s robust platform for online scheduling and remittance capabilities

Client management (CRM)

Since all client information is stored in vcita’s CRM, Henrietta can now field customer calls with confidence. She can view the continuous communication between herself and her clients, including their test bookings, records, payment histories, and more. All she has to do is ask for their last name. The information is all there in vcita, allowing her to send them a new link immediately, cutting down call time considerably.

Scheduling software & calendar

Through vcita’s scheduling software Get
Certified America clients now have the power to independently select a test of their choosing, check the testing calendar, and schedule an appointment in their own time zone. Numbering at around 100+ per month, Henrietta’s growing client base is able to seamlessly schedule all of their activities exclusively through the vcita system.

Online payments

Monetary transactions have become uncomplicated and easily actionable with vcita’s payment platform. Clients simply pay online when they schedule their tests, and Henrietta no longer has to worry about having to process payments manually! With vcita, Henrietta can centralize operations for global corporations and offer discounts for volume pricing. Rather than selling individual certification tests, she can now sell hundreds of tests at a time, streamlining the process for her clients and increasing the profitability of her business.

Auto client messaging

After clients schedule an appointment through the website, they receive personalized messages like “Thank you for scheduling an appointment” or “Here are your exam details”, and “This is how you reschedule”. Once they have taken their exam, they receive another message indicating “If you need any further information, here it is!”. This is a feature Henrietta uses constantly to reassure her clients, to keep them up to date, and to provide additional value.

Government agencies and nonprofits often request reports or statistics to in order to monitor how many of their employees have scheduled tests, or how many have taken them. Within minutes, Henrietta can access this information via reports in vcita and share directly with her clients.


With vcita’s automated processes and procedures already in place, Get Certified America was able to pivot on a dime in 2020 when so many uncertainties about “business as usual” arose. Even more significant, implementing vcita’s platform had a tremendous impact on its online sales. In the past, the company sold about 200 vouchers over a 6-month period. After adding vcita’s packages, it quadrupled its sales in the same amount of time.

During this difficult period, Henrietta was able to successfully manage over 2500 client appointments as well as attend to her clients’ needs with just 2 other staff members on
her team.

“They pay online through vcita – there’s nothing hidden, no hiccups. It requires ZERO administration from me, and that’s golden!”

– Henrietta Robinson

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